Add a touch of magic to your special event with the beautiful sounds of classical guitar.

Weddings, parties, anniversaries, special events, corporate events… any occasion!


Classical guitarist, Duncan Gardiner, delights in bringing a touch of magic to your special event. Guitar is also the ideal choice for those wishing to bring an intimate, soothing ambience to their wedding ceremony and pre-reception celebrations. Duncan can work his magic as a soloist, or you can have him perform in a duet with violin, cello, flute or a singer. With music to suit every taste and fees to match any budget, you are invited to book Duncan and his musicians for your wedding or special event.

Duncan effortlessly performs selections of all styles of music from the elegant sounds of classical to the cool, upbeat rhythms of Latin America, the flare of Flamenco and easy-listening renditions of your favourite pop songs and more.

Forget the expense of a standard string trio or quartet; a solo guitar can play the same music as a quartet! Solo guitar is ideal for those that want the lighter, more contemporary touch, while Duncan’s duos cater for those that fancy the traditional, romantic element which violin, cello or flute can bring. Duncan hand picks talented musicians to perform duos with; with each of the duos you can be guaranteed a stylish and elegant performance. Duos are ideal for bringing to life all of the most beloved classical works in addition to charming cocktail music (think André Rieu), romantic songs, lively Latin and South American dance music such as tango and bossa-nova, in addition to world-music and covers of pop songs


Duncan usually provides light background music 15-30 minutes prior to the actual start time of the ceremony to keep guests entertained before the arrival of the bride. During the ceremony he will provide music for the processional, the signing of the registry and also for the recessional. Depending on the nature of your ceremony, music may be played during special ‘candle-lighting’ or ‘unity’ proceedings or to accompany the singing of hymns etc.

Typically a one-hour booking is sufficient to cover the ceremony, but many couples want their guests to continue to be entertained following the ceremony for 30 minutes or so. In the case where the reception is at the same venue as the ceremony, many couples wish for music to be performed for the entire time between the ceremony and the reception.

Live pre-reception music is also becoming popular, with the DJ taking over once the bride and groom arrive for the reception.

Music Choices

Together with Duncan, you will discuss in detail the specific music selections your wedding ceremony. Typically you will choose music to accompany the official proceedings during the ceremony and suggest the general style of music to be played before and after these times. However, Duncan will be there every step of the way to offer professional and personal advice to ensure that you are 100% happy with all of your music choices. To give you an idea of what Duncan and his colleagues typically offer, please follow this LINK to his wedding music sampler on Soundcloud. A more detailed play list can be sent upon request.

Service Fees

Following is the list of fees for booking Duncan’s musical services:

• solo guitar - $150 for the first hour ($100 for each additional hour).

• duo of guitar and violin (or cello, flute or singer)  - $250 for the first hour ($200 for each additional hour).

A minimum one hour booking is required, though additional time can be booked in blocks of 30 minutes. For extended bookings, Duncan is happy to negotiate greater reductions to the fees.

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is requested upon confirmation of the booking. This will be deducted from the performance fee upon completion of the service.

Instruments and Equipment

Duncan enjoys playing on a beautiful, hand-crafted Spanish guitar to bring warmth and soul to his performances. He uses a state-of-the-art amplification system which means his amplified sound is true and warm and able to be heard by all.

Additional Information

The service fee includes a complimentary meeting between Duncan and the client at a mutually convenient location. Alternatively, a phone meeting can be arranged. Further to this, correspondence via email has proved equally popular.

Duncan and his colleagues require seating at any venue. Ideally, the seat should not have arm-rests. Most of the time it is fine for musicians to use the same seating that is provided for guests. Shade must also be provided for outdoor locations. This can come from natural sources (such as being positioned under a tree) or from an umbrella or marquee. Instruments and equipment can become damaged, may malfunction or simply go ‘out of tune’ in direct heat or by getting wet. If weather conditions become unfavourable during the booking due to rain or strong winds Duncan and his colleagues may opt to cease their performance.

If Duncan is required to arrange, locate or purchase a piece of music that he does not currently possess, a $10 fee will be requested per piece.

Duncan has public liability insurance to the value of $20M.