Fun, friendly, expert tuition.

I have been teaching classical guitar in schools and from home for the past 15 years. Over this time I have inspired students of all ages. I have taught one-on-one lessons, group classes, run ensembles and workshops for groups of 30 and performed music education concerts to entire schools. I have taught children to read music before they could read words, taken students successfully through exams (AMEB), guided students into music courses at universities and helped children and adults alike realise their creative potential.

I believe that classical guitar is a great way to start one’s musical journey. I come from a point of nurturing and inspiring the person; building a real connection and understanding with the student. The music just flows from there!

My students will learn to:

·         play beautifully, rhythmically and energetically.

·         learn engaging music with refined technique and posture.

·         read music and understand music theory.

·         discover and understand chords, strumming patterns and percussive effects.

·         enjoy playing on their own and along with me.

·         develop confidence and discover the thrill of artistic expression.

·         appreciate western art music etiquette and conventions.

But… what is classical guitar?

Classical guitar is sometimes called ‘nylon string’, ‘Spanish’ or ‘folk’ guitar. On the classical guitar you can learn to play music from across time and across the globe; the repertoire is more than 500 years old and is always growing. We play music from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods, Spain and South America and arrangements of classics and modern hits. We typically use each of our right-hand fingers to pluck the strings of the guitar and there are many exciting strumming and percussive techniques to be explored. While we don’t ‘rock out’ to AC/DC or Metallica all that often you would definitely get a thrill out of the energy of flamenco and tango music, and the beauty of a classical composition. The best bit is that wherever you see yourself down the track, a thorough foray into classical guitar technique will be the best way to begin your journey!


30 minute lesson - $35

60 minute lesson - $70

'Professional Member' of the Music Teacher's Association of Queensland. Queensland Blue Card holder.

What you get is expert instruction from a seasoned professional.

Lessons take place in my home studio centrally located in Petrie Terrace, 4000. I offer lessons Monday-Friday from 8am-7pm and weekends by appointment.

"Duncan is passionate about teaching classical guitar. He is an extraordinary music educator and a wonderful human being."

"Excellent! Duncan is a passionate, joyful and very experienced guitar teacher. My son Oliver and I always look forward to Wednesday lessons. We enjoy every lesson. I am thrilled with my son's progress. I can only speak very highly of Duncan." 

*lesson rates based upon minimum fee for a Professional Member according to the Music Teachers Association of Queensland guidelines.